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For most hockey players, the offseason is a sad time of year.

Not for me of course, but I know some of the Badgers would prefer to play year round.

Well here’s something for all of us to be happy about.

Last week I got a text from #24 with the following picture attached.


Yes, that’s our home rink.  The Lawrence Valley Forum.

Notice there is no plywood.

Notice there is a spot to put your water bottle.

Those are new boards.

Notice there is a new bench.  A new door.  New Glass.   New Ice.   New Paint under the ice.

The Badgers officially have a new home.  Or, the same old home, but it’s been gutted and updated.

Can you imagine?  Once the Valley League saw our level of play, they knew it was time to upgrade the place.

Thank you Valley League.

Thank you, #24.

Check out the timelapse video below.
Pretty awesome.

TBone, you just won the cup!

What are you going to do next?

“I think I’ll leave a bunch of my equipment and clothing on the floor of the locker room and I’ll take someone’s righty stick (instead of my own lefty stick) as I exit the building to go have a beer.”


That’s what the pros do I guess so makes sense for a Honey Badger Cup Champion too.  Right?

Anyway, season number five is officially in the books.  This year the playoffs went the full distance with the Champions being crowned on the last day of the season.

The first two games of the series were neck and neck, with Red coming into game three with a 1 goal differential lead.  Unfortunately, game three didn’t live up to the potential hype and Red pulled away in the second half to secure the win.

#18, its official, you are the MVP of the playoffs this year.  Just a ridiculous performance in the final game.

I cant thank everyone enough for the great year.  The Badgers are a brotherhood, and that includes our long list of Subs.

Special thanks to our goalies, Stone Wall Faulkner and Mad Mike Luciano, and to our fearless leader in stripes Derek Camarota.

Can’t wait to do it again next year.

Until then – Be Safe & Stay Thirsty my fellow Badgers.

EL Capitan