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Last Thursday, The Commish found himself running a bit late for the game.   (The Commish hates being late)

Anyway, I arrived at the rink around 9:10pm, put down the pucks, swung open the door to Locker Room #1 and saw lots of Badgers getting ready. (always a good sign)

One of the Badgers that was getting ready was talking to Paul Giggey.

Giggs was in the spot he usually sits in, but the “Other Badger” was not.

“Other Badger” was in The Commishes spot. (never a good sign)

Enter The Commishes Brain for the next few moments – Whoa, this is weird, but go with it.  You don’t need to sit in any particular spot.  He means no disrespect, just find another spot to sit.  Be Cool.  Be like Fonzie.  Be Cool.

Giggs recognized the wrong doing, and even suggested to “Other Badger” that it might be a good idea to shuffle down.  (there was no effort to vacate my spot)

So I joked about it and sat where The Young Guns (Pierce and Drew) sit, (they were out last week, otherwise I would never take their spots).

I even joked that by sitting in their spot, some of their hockey excellence might rub off on me. (I did score, which is not a regular occurrence, as you all know).

See that, I was cool like Fonzie and it all worked out for the best.


What’s that?  How did it work out for “Other Badger” who sat in The Commishes spot?

Turns out, he was like Fonzie too.    Check out his thumb.


Yep, “Other Badger” was Andy Weiner.

He broke his thumb during the first 10 minutes of the game when he tried to poke check Golden Hands Beamer.

Some call it Karma.  Some call it locker room etiquette.

Some just call it common sense.

Andy’s got time to decide what he calls it during his time on the DL over winter break.

On the positive side, Andy should be recognized for the following:

1st – When he broke his thumb, he left the ice, changed into his clothes and came back to the bench with a Bud Light.

2nd – Despite the fact that his thumb looked like someone had attached an M-80 to it, lit it, and it exploded, he endured the pain without even a thought of going to the hospital. (It apparently bled until 3am)

3rd – Only after enduring the pain for a day, did he decide to have it looked at.  And that’s when he was informed that it was broken.

Andy Weiner – An exemplary Honey Badger.

Broke his thumb, and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Think he gave a shit?