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So last week after our game, we’re out in the parking lot and our newest Honey Badger – John Beaver, says to me: “So Commish, what’s your win percentage anyway”

He was eluding to how often I win (vs how often he loses) and while I know he was kidding, have you ever seen a bigger set of BALLS on a BEAVER?

I mean, you can think it, but you can’t just ask it!

A smart Honey Badger (and there are many of you out there) would just keep his lip zipped and realize that The Commish probably wins alot because not only does he skate hard, but the guys on his team in any particular week also skate hard.   But even if you don’t see something as obvious as this, haven’t you ever seen the Sopronos?

It’s kind of like The Commish is Tony Soprono and you’re my crew.   If I tell a joke, you laugh.

But don’t laugh too hard.

Since The Commish is a lot like Tony Soprono, he’ll also figure out if you’re just being a kiss ass.

And The Commish doesn’t like Ass Kissers.

So while I commend you on the size of your BALLS, BEAVER, smarten up.

You’re a Honey Badger now.  Be a smart one.  (and try skating a little harder huh?)

It took 5 years, but the store is finally open!  (Under the “SWEET MERCH” tab)

Check out the line-up of hats and stickers, and there will be more to come.

Just don’t make me feel like these losers…

Happy Shopping, my fellow Badgers.