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I know the world is a bit crazy now a days with the election coming up, and cops killing people that have their hands up, etc…

Sometimes it’s tough to stay calm, focused and in control.

Of course this is not usually an issue for The Commish.  But then there are mornings like today.   I got to the parking garage in Boston nice and early and was ready to hit the gym (think big weights, massive squats, bench pressing multiple plates) to find that I left my pants and shirt at home in Andover.  So I got to commute twice today, which was reeeeeaaaally fun.

And if you keep up on my posts you know that I’ve done this before.  I did the same thing a couple of years ago, but only forgot my pants that time.   Then I forgot an appointment another time (remember the Nuns I passed on the highway?).  The sad thing is, these episodes probably have nothing to do with anything except the aging process.

Nevertheless, The Commish is able to keep calm, focused and in control.


Because every now and then I receive a glimpse into the future.  See the example below.

Below is a letter I received at the end of last season, from two of our fellow Badgers.  It came with the gift that you also see below.   Many of you have noticed and commented on what a great item the puck ramp is, and I’ve told you it was a gift from #88 and #99.




That’s right, a hand written note and a gift were dropped off on my front porch last April, from #88 and #99.   (That would be Mike Pierce and Kevin Drew)   Both of which I believe were 25 years old at the time and are now a whopping 26 years old.

Do you remember doing things like this when you were that age?  (The Commish was not)

Many of you have done something similar (minus the hand written note) and it’s been equally appreciated.

But this was awesome.  And when something like this happens, it should not and cannot go unrecognized.

Thank you boys.  And I have to say, the pleasure is alllllllllll on this side of the table.

And for the rest of you, you’re welcome.

You can now stay calm, focused and in control, knowing that our Future is Bright due to youthful individuals like Mike Pierce and Kevin Drew.


Wait, what did I just say?