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I hope everyone’s having a kick ass summer.

Knock on wood, this has been a great summer for the Commish, and it all began with a nice little fishing trip, courtesy of Mr. Kraft.


Yes, that was a fishing hook through the left index finger of #9, Garrett Berube; aka “Mr. Kraft”; aka “Krafty”; aka “Captain Kraft”.

And yes, that was #10, Brian Kobeslki; aka “Big Red”; aka “Gun Show”, who used a pair of makeshift snippers to break the stainless steel barb from the hook, which allowed Captain Kraft to slide it out of his finger.

Prior to this happening, we were on our way back to the cape so we could get him to a hospital.

However, our fearless leader had different ideas, as you can hear 2:08 into the video.  So we did what we were told and began catching some serious slobs.

Our Captain, all bandaged up.




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