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Well, The Badgers still know how to end a hockey season, and last night was the conclusion of Season #4.

Last night was also the first annual –“Throwback Thursday” aka “Nate Beams Night” aka “Bauer Turbo Blowout” – and it was an excellent time.

There were old sticks, old pads, old skates, an old high school hockey coat and of course plenty of old guys.

Stone Wall Faulkner, fresh off a plane from the motherland (Ireland), came to the rink with the intentions of letting everyone on earth know why he has the nickname that he does.

Good Lord, Stonewall.  To say you played out of your mind last night would not be an overstatement.

The Commish took to the ice with his molded plastic, Bauer Turbo’s.

They looked great.

They felt great. (no)

And they turned on a dime.

Well, they turned on a dime a couple times.  And then about 5 minutes into the game, they decided that turning wasn’t their best attribute.

Ever see a skate explode?  You have if you were at the game last night.

Both of them at the same time.


You’re not supposed to be able to see the black booty, that you’re seeing.


It is supposed to be covered by that sleek gray and black plastic.



Good times, and thanks to LiveBarn, we’ll be downloading the clip for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks once again for a great season, boys.

At the heart and soul of the HBHL is a great group of guys.

Thanks to all the full-timers and subs who made it such a blast.

And special thanks to:

Mad Mike Luciano

Steven “Stripper Pole” Croll

Eric S”tone Wall” Faulkner

And last but not least, our Main Man in Stripes – Derek Camarota.

Without you guys, our games and our season wouldn’t be the same.





March 31st 2016, game two of the playoffs.

The Red team was down two goals with 2minutes left in the game, fighting to see another day.  The goalie was pulled for the second week in a row.  The same move last week resulted in two goals being scored.  Could we do it again.

Miraculously, we did.   We not only scored two goals, but we scored three, and won the game.

Game three will decide who wins the 2015-2016 Honey Badger Cup.

Ok, some of you are scratching your head.  Check todays date.

Like I said, Don’t call it a comeback.


Congratulations to The Gray Team.

Once again, a great season.

The 2015-2016 Honey Badger Cup Champions are:

Kevin Drew, Matt Casey, Doug Gallacher, Dave Jagger, Matt Quail, Andy Weiner, Paul Giggey, Mike Pierce, Jim O’Brien, Aaron Callaway, Steve Murray, Eric Faulkner and Mike Luciano.

Both goalies will be put on the Cup due to this year’s format of switching teams at halftime.  Let it be noted that Stonewall edged Mad Mike in the goals against average (ok, by a lot), but both played great.

Also worthy of noting is Andy Weiner’s performance.  Andy was the MVP in the series and only the second MVP ever to be named in the HBHL playoffs.   Nice work, you dink.

The games were close, but at the end of the day The Red team couldn’t match pace with Gray.

And finally, congratulations to Jim O’Brien.  Jim is the 2015-2016 Iron Man Award recipient.    This is a new award that will be handed out to anyone who repeatedly takes crosschecks from Gun Show throughout the season but continues to play despite the numerous internal injuries that have occurred.  Unbelievable Jimmy.

Final skate is next week, and it will mark the end of season #4 of the HBHL.