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Some of you heard the news already, that I sold my motorcycle.   It’s never an easy thing to do, but this time it was the right thing to do.

Yes, it sat around the garage too much, but that’s not really why I sold it.

I sold it because it was too fast.

How fast?


It went over 60mph in 1st gear.


Around 90mph in 2nd gear.


About 120 mph in 3rd gear.


And it still had a 4th gear, a 5th gear, and a 6th gear.

Like I said, too fast.  So I sold it.

I also sold it because whenever I got on it, I tried to ride it like the guy in this video.

So, as I tweeted (because that’s what EL Capitan does, he tweets) Goodbye my friend.

May I live longer without you.


Everyone always wanted to know the fastest I ever went on it.  And the truth is, I don’t know.

I remember glancing down during one ride and seeing something in the range of 130mph.

Once you’re in the 120+ range, it really doesn’t matter how fast you’re going.  If you fall off (or hit something) you die.

And so, I sold it.

Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I must be getting older, and somehow a little smarter?




That’s right.  You’re not in it.

In fact, you probably don’t even know what it is.  That’s how far away you are from being a member.
You’re not in it now, and you never will be.  (neither will I)

But you want to be.   And a lot of other people certainly wish you were.

It’s called the Great Guy Club.    Probably the most exclusive club on the planet.

A lot of you are probably thinking, Wait, I’m a great guy!  I’m in the club!

Typical knee jerk reaction, but unfortunately, you’re wrong.

Here’s the deal.  It’s actually easy to be in the club.

All it takes is the following: Whenever your name is brought up in a conversation, you have to be referred to as a Great Guy.
See that?   It’s easy.

Here are the details: As long as people always refer to you as a great guy you stay in the club.  But if someone refers to you as something other than great (he’s a good guy, he’s ok, etc…) you are no longer in the club.


Here are a couple of examples.

-Example #1 ~ a one on one conversation

Kobelski: Hey do you know Gaylord Focker?

Tavenner: Oh sure, he’s a Great Guy.

Kobelski: I think so too.
-ResultGaylord is in the Great Guy Club.


-Example #2 ~ a group conversation

Kobelski: You guys know Jules Winnfield?

Berube: I do know him, he’s a great guy.

Tavenner: Spot on Mr. Kraft, he’s a great guy.

Ring: Yep, known him for years. Great guy.

-Result ~Jules is in the Great Guy Club because everyone referred to him as a Great Guy.


-Example #3 ~ a group conversation

Kobelski: You guys know Jerry Lundergaard?

Tavenner: I do know him, he’s a great guy.

Berube: Know him! I love that guy. He’s a great guy.

Ring: Yep, known him for years. Great guy.

Casey: Lundergaard?  I used to work with Lundergaard.  He’s a good guy.

~Result ~In this example Jerry Lundergaard was about to get his membership card, but was shut down because he was referred to as a good guy.

And that’s it for the poor bastard.

He’s not getting in.



Remember, it has to be unanimous.  Always.   Every single person asked about you has to think of you as a Great Guy.

I guess there may be a rare example when there’s only one person on earth that will say Jerry is a Good Guy vs a Great Guy.

Maybe that particular person (Casey, in the above example) just doesn’t think anyone is a Great Guy.   In this case, it can be overruled because the opinion of the one individual is dismissed.

That said, this has never happened.   Generally, if one person thinks of him as a Good Guy, it’s likely there are more who feel the same way.

See? It’s easy.

Or nearly impossible.  It really depends on how you look at things I guess.

And that’s why you’re not in it.


Think any of the Badgers are in it?  I can think of one or two that might be considered.

Need an example of someone who IS in the club?

Former Badger, Mike Greene.

That’s what we’re talking about here.


We’re talking about the Catalina Wine Mixer, type of Guy.