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I’m a big Halloween guy.
But last year, Krafty blew me out of the water by a mile.  (As did Mrs Kraft as Adrian).

I dressed as a cop, and Mrs Commish was a cop too.   I thought I was pretty impressive since I borrowed stuff from a friend who is a State Cop.

He gave me a fake Cop gun (looked so real I didn’t dare take it into the restaurant we went to before the house party we went to), a real Cop baseball cap, Cop belt w/Cop handcuffs, etc…

It was dope.   I was dope.   All I needed was an old Cop car with Cop tires, Cop suspension, Cop Shocks…

Then Rocky shows up with Adrian.

This is him w the Cop gun.  Scaring the shit out of anyone on the deck.

Or rather, making them piss their pants laughing.  He shouted “Everyone hit the deck, or your ass is mine” and they ran into the house. (I’m not sure what he actually said but it was damn funny).


It’s honestly one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Then there’s this video.  One of my favorite video’s of all time.

I love how TB1K is in the background, dancing along side Krafty Balboa, like he’s his trainer.   Oh, and T-Bone’s riding an ostrich.

Back inside, we ran into the guy from the State Farm insurance commercials.

You know, the guy wearing the fishing hat, “I found you a dollar”



I tell ya.  That TB1K, he comes up w genius stuff w/absolutely no effort.

Halloween’s coming boyz.

Let’s make it a good effort.




I was in Florida last week for business and I had to get a rental car.

I use Hertz and have for over 20 years.

Why?  Because they take care of The Commish.

Always have.

Well, maybe not always.

This is what they put me in last week.    And as I walked up to the car, and had a chance to switch vehicles before leaving the airport, I said “Screw it.  Who’s going to see me.”


And for the most part, no one saw me.

(Plus, I kind of like driving different cars when I’m on the road.   Makes me feel like an auto aficionado.)

But then I was crusing down the highway, (Joe Walsh pumping, eating the catch of the day from a restaurant called Captain Hook) and a mini-van starts to drive along side of me.

I look over and it’s a Mom, about my age, and she’s smiling at me.

I think:

-Man. are people friendly down here.

-Maybe she thinks I’m cute.

-Maybe she knows I’m The Commish. (no)

Then I realize, she’s not smiling at me.

She was laughing.

All of a sudden I was Brad Hamilton, delivering the catch of the day boxes, over to the guys at IBM.

Only, I wasn’t even wearing a Pirate Hat.

Guess I should’ve switched the rental car before exiting the terminal.

Florida.  Never misses an opportunity to amuse me.