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This is my day so far.  Enjoy.

8:45am – Holy Shit moment.

This is the time that I realized I was supposed to be in North Andover for a continuing education class (for work).   However, I was at my desk in Boston, talking to my Mom (who turns 75 today, Happy Birthday Mom) because I completely forgot about it.

9:07am – Jesus Christ Moment

This is when I realized I would have to pay $37.00 upon exiting the parking garage because the early bird special rate of $20.00 only applies if you enter before 7:30am and leave after 4pm.

9:23am – God Damn It Moment

(Yeah, it got better.)  This is when I realized I was driving to an appointment that would require me to present a valid government issued ID.  This normally isn’t a problem but my license expired on August 19th and I haven’t had a chance to renew it yet.  This is also normally a non-issue because I have a passport that I carry in my work bag.  However, I left that particular bag under my desk, in Boston.   And I was already in Somerville.

9:24am – Holy Shit Moment #2

You wouldn’t believe the amount of traffic heading back into town.  It took me 25 minutes to get from Charlestown to my building near the aquarium.

1:30pm – Jesus Christ Moment #2

The Continuing Ed class was complete, and I was on my way back into town.  While cruising at a very high rate of speed, I began to quickly approach a slowpoke in the left lane.  No Problem.  I noticed a way around the cars in front of me, but it would take a three lane pass.  However, when I got into the far right lane, I was blocked by one of the middle lane cars.   I looked to the left and noticed a car in my blind spot.  It was too close.  It would’ve been dangerous to cut in front of it.

So under my breath I uttered something like “Well, are you going to speed up or slow down.  Jesus Christ.”

And with that, they sped up.  And as I looked over I saw this.



Pretty damn funny.

I’m now parked at a meter, so I’m guessing my God Damn It Moment #2 will be when I get to my car after work and find a ticket, even though I’m paying the meter.

Ouch, you Fat Penquin

Do I look like a Dead Head?   Hell No.

Does anyone actually think I’m a Dead Head or ever was one?  Hell No.

My Grateful Dead is AC/DC.  (ie, I’ve seen them quite a few times)

A few weeks ago, I took the family to see AC/DC at Gillette Stadium.  I had eight tickets in section 139 (we took some friends w us), and two tickets in section 4.

The seats in Section 139 were 300+ feet away from the stage.

The seats in Section 4 were 5 feet away from the stage.

The plan was to split our time in Section 4 so everyone could experience it.  But when we entered the stadium we were notified of a system that involved stamps and bracelets.  There would be no seat swapping.  And so I decided (because I’m the best husband and father on the planet) to give the tickets to Mrs. Commish, and my teenage daughter.  I kind of felt like I was on the Titanic, watching the women and children get into the life boats first.

Here’s what the stage looked like from my seat.


Here’s what it looked like from their seats.






Video taken by teenage daughter.

Video taken by yours truly. (However, it’s one of the best parts of Angus’ solo)

Opening night for the Patriots (and the NFL Season) is tonight and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I hope TB12 annihilates every opponent he faces this year.

I hope Gronk destroys anything in his path and catches a million TD passes.

I want Belichick to mummble through every press conference, pissing off the press the way only he can.

I want Robert Kraft to do more press conferences, pissing off everyone outside of Patriot Nation with statements like “Tom Brady is a classy person of the highest integrity.  He represents everything that is great about this game and this league.”  These also serve as a platform for our own Bob Kraft to gather new material although it will forever be difficult to improve upon his old material.

On average I get to watch 2-3 games per season (thank you youth hockey schedule) and tonight is one of those games.

After all the bullshit we’ve had to hear, and will likely continue to hear for the rest of our lives, it’s time to celebrate last years SuperBowl victory one last time and begin the march towards #5.

It’s go time.

Go Pats.

Let’s see that, in an instant replay.

*I was on the road last week and tried to post this on my ipad, which clearly didnt work.

Glad to see the Pats not only kicked ass, but the world also came up with more excuses as to why the Pats win all the time.

More motivation for Brady and the boys to dominate this season.

Well, season #4 is off and running, and judging by the apres that went til 2am I’d guess some of the Badgers may have woken up on the floor this morning (or felt like they slept on it) and are moving a little slow.  Anyone loose a tooth, find a baby or a tiger in their house?


Btw, Carlos (Grant Holmquist) is now 8 years old.  Handsome little dude but do you think he get’s teased about this?

Moving on.

Kudo’s to the two new full time Badgers, Callaway and Croll.   Awesome to have you onboard and looking forward to a great season (and nice job making to the closing bell of apres too).

Thanks to our Team Managers, DeSanto and Ferdinando, for running the score board and giving us just the right amount of inspiration in the closing minutes.  “You gotta shoot to Score!!” Couldn’t have done it without you (or without the horn blowing every 10 seconds).

Glad to hear Kevin Drew is still alive after taking a dirty razor to the back of the head this summer and having to spend a week in the Hospital.  (Thank you SuperCuts)  Had any of us known about this incident we would have been at the hospital on a daily basis, showering him with Badger Love, flowers, candy, and personal songs of healing.  (We would’ve snuck in beers and made fun of you in your hospital gown too)

Anyway, glad you’re ok.

I personally feel great today.  I also played unbelievably good last night.  I scored all my teams goals.  I also got all the assists.  I’m just unbelievable all around.  Did I mention I feel great today?


Oh Boy.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  It only get’s better from here!

Tonight marks the commencement of the 4th season of the HBHL.  While not a big deal to you, it’s a Kind of a Big Deal to the Commish.

In preparation for the event, I’ve made a couple of purchases and everyone will see them for the first time tonight.  (Please show up at the parking lot by 8pm)

First, I bought a new car.  The “HBHL” vanity plates are being made now.


From now on I’ll be driving this every Thursday night.

I know you love it.  Everyone loves it.  Even Mrs Commish loves it.  (She hates it)

Second, this is the coat I will always be wearing to the games.  In fact, I think all of us should get these coats.SlapShot_093Pyxurz


You know it.  I know it.  Mrs Commish knows it.  (She says I look like Caitlyn Jenner)

Who’s the best Commish on the planet.  Has to be me right?

It would be me, except I didn’t make either of these purchases.  But I promise to make them some day.

Until then, it’s ok to dream.

See you tonight.

P.S. I’m sure most of you are in TipTop shape, and ready to go.

But for those of us who got winded going up the stairs this morning (like me), take in a little William Wallace.

Always a sure way to get fired up.