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So this is it.  Season #3 concludes tonight when Red and Gray square off for the Championship.

Gray won game #1 in convincing fashion.

Game #2 was ended in a tie, despite Red leading most of the game.

In each of the first two games, we had contributions from our very awesome subs (thank you Pat Tarosian, Aaron Callaway, Tom Fabiani) but not tonight.

This is all about the Full Time Badgers.

Let it be known that The Commish has never raised the Cup.

Let it also be known that The Commish will be going balls to the walls tonight, in an effort to end that streak.

It’s time to Go Big or Go Home (empty handed).

If you haven’t ever seen someone skate so hard that they nearly puke, keep an eye on The Commish tonight.

It’s time to put on the foil.

Good luck Gray.  You’re going to need it.