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I flew down to Florida yesterday (boy are my arms tired) and immediately started to wonder why we live in the Northeast… again.

I guess it’s a bit warmer than it usually is, but honestly, how do I always forget that it can be this warm in Florida during the winter.

I got off the plane and was pretty much the only one in long pants.   I drove around with the windows down and the a/c on.  Even at 9pm, see below.


My parents are down here and we went out to dinner (at 5pm).

Hostess: Welcome, party of three for dinner?  Would you like to sit inside or outside?

Mom: INSIDE! (Eric, they have a musician outside and it’s so loud you can’t hear yourself talk)

To my parents credit, the restaurant wasn’t completely full of blue hairs.  The noisy outdoor section had people that were in their 60’s (on avg)    The INSIDE however was most definitely 100%.  My parents are 75 and they looked like the spring chickens.  At the table next to me was the lady from the Wendy’s commercial in the 80’s. (Far right in pic)


Next to them was a couple in a booth, who looked like they were probably each 100 years old.   They shared an appetizer, which makes it sound cute.  But the reality is, it took them the entire time we were there, to eat it.   And during this time (about an hour) they didn’t say a word to each other.   I think the wife made a couple of risqué glances at her man, as she gummed the olives from the cheese plate.  Perhaps she was fantasizing.  Perhaps it was their way of flirting.  Could her hubby still work up a chubby?

Good lord, for as wrong as that sounds, I sure hope we can at that age.   I can’t imagine being that old and not having something to look forward to after the blue plate special on a Wed night.   (It was hump day after all.)

Which made me think for a second.  Someday it will be me and the wife, in a booth just like that.  The olives will be served.   The rest will be up to me.


Check Please!

We left  the restaurant and it was packed.   Folks standing at the hostess stand, 4 parties deep.  Then there were those that had already checked in, and were sitting on the benches along the hallway to the hostess stand.  Must’ve been another 20 people.

It was 6:20pm.

Dad: It’s a good thing we showed up when we did!

Mom: Well I told you!  Don’t you ever listen to me?  What would you do if you didn’t have me around!!