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Well, it’s in the books.
The Honey Badger community took part in it’s first official fund raiser on Saturday, and it felt good to Stick it in Cancer’s Ass (even if it was just for one night).

In no particular order, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to:

–  Everyone who came down to watch the event and cheer us on

–  All the players, especially our two goalies

–  Everyone who donated money, and there were lots of you.    Our group raised $1,435.00

–  Julie Dalton and The Ms. Conducts, for inviting us to participate (and for ordering Jerseys for us too)

–  The folks at TSR for helping Julie with those jerseys

–  Mrs. Commish, for taking these fancy pictures

We all had a great time and are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Bigger and Better in 2015.

































Actually, we’re doing it for Jimmy.  And more specifically, The Jimmy Fund.

Thanks to Julie Dalton and the Ms Conducts ( the Honey Badgers will participate in the “Cure The Puck Out of Cancer” event tomorrow night at Breakaway Ice Center.

Game time for the Badgers is 9:10pm, and the Ms Conducts take to the ice for their own game against The Educators at 7:35pm.  Tickets are a $5 donation and are available at the door.

The Badgers will be playing in honor of David Carr and all the relatives and friends we’ve lost to cancer over the years.

If you find yourself in need of a good laugh on Saturday night, please come down to the rink.   I can personally guarantee an exorbitant amount of entertainment to you during my shifts.

Or find your own ways to entertain yourself, like Mary.


Going into the season this year, I got a call from #3 Matt Quail.   He said he needed to have some work done, shoulder or knee or something.

I didn’t pay much attention.

And then I got this email on Sept 23rd  which I thought was hilarious.    I also thought he’d join us soon thereafter.

Then I got the another one last week.     Again, hilarious.     But this one made me start wondering if we should have someone shadow him 24 hours a day.    Or maybe he should wear a helmet around the house.  And full body armor.

Up until this point, #3 hasn’t had a nickname.   I think that’s about to change.

The good news is, (aside from the point that Matt is apparently one of the toughest and funniest Mofo’s amongst us) he’s shooting for a return to the HBHL next week.


On Sep 23, 2014, at 2:46 PM, M Quail <> wrote:

Hopes were running high when I decided to have elbow surgery in August

with thoughts of joining HBHL early in the season.   Intent of

procedure was to remove a “razor blade” piece of bone in my elbow that

had become quite painful due to tendons and triceps connecting to the

sliver instead of the ulna.   Surgery went fine and I was well on the

road to recovery until…

I fell up the stairs.   Yes, “up”.   I know this defies the laws of

physics but it actually happened.   My right arm was in a cast and I

was carrying my lunch in my left hand so I wasn’t holding the

handrail.   Splat.   A full-on belly flop with sandwich and chips

strewn throughout the stairwell.   I’m having Security pull the

footage so I can send into America’s Funniest Videos.

Wave of pain that surged through my right arm was remarkable.   Took

me about 10 minutes to get my head straight before I could focus

enough to make it up to my office.   After eating a few bites of my

now dirt covered sandwich, I headed off to the doctor’s office for my

previously scheduled appointment to have my staples removed.

Line of questioning at the doctor’s office was just awesome.

Q: Why did you fall?

A: I don’t know, I guess my foot slipped on the steps

Q: Are you on drugs?

A: Not at this moment and I don’t think I ever fell this hard when I

was on drugs

Q: Do you fall often?

A: Clarify “often”

Q: You just had surgery, did you know you should not have fallen?

A: Good info, thanks

Q: Did someone push you?

A: No. I was at work, not at home

Staple removal wasn’t too bad.   Luckily the incision mostly held. but

I required a little work to reclose a small section that split open.

Bigger problem was that I tore the recently reattached triceps

muscle from the bone…a source of tremendous discomfort.   Prognosis

was that I added at least 2 weeks to my return to HBHL.

Nurse then cleaned and bandaged my knees (see photo) and left elbow.

Luckily, the medical staff had easy access to my wounds because I tore

my pants and shirt when I fell.   I hardly cried as the nurse applied

bacitracin and bandages, and I earned myself a yummy green lollipop.


Follow up visit the next week and news on my surgically repaired elbow

was positive.   Triceps was reattaching to the bone (again) and I

would not need another surgery on my right arm.

I then raised the issue of the continued discomfort in my left arm and

right knee.   Off to the x-ray machine.   Unfortunately, the fall

broke my left ulna and dislocated my right knee cap.   Apparently the

pain in my right arm masked the injuries to my other extremities.

I’ve now gone exactly 2 weeks without a catastrophic re event and I’m

feeling pretty good.   If everything continues to heal at this rate my

goal is to play on playing October 9.   Until then count me out.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet up with you at the clubhouse for some

conditioning in advance of my first skate.


Date: October 23, 2014 6:39:22 PM EDT M Quail <> wrote:

This morning my wife and I were admiring the new cabinets we had installed in our kitchen.   To my dismay, I noticed a water droplet coming off one of the wood beams into the new cabinets.   Climbed up on a chair, and sure enough a nice little puddle was forming thanks to hurricane whatever the fuck this week has been.

I guess it was time to clear the gutters.   Luckily my house is pretty small.   So after an hour or so the gutters were all flowing.

Back inside for a shower to warm up and change into some dry clothes. Unfortunately, the water was still dripping on the cabinets.

So, I grabbed the ladder went up to the problem area of the roof with some sealant.   Even to the person that knows jack about roofing, some of the tiles looked to be installed rather amateurish.   After some hack repairing, I headed back down the ladder to see if I stemmed the inflow of water.

Once I had both feet on the ladder rungs an amazing principal in the physics of friction took place.   While the rubber feet of the ladder may work well in holding the ladder in place in dirt, they do absolutely no good on a deck.   The ladder bottom slid away from the house at an amazing speed and I proceeded to engage in another aspect of physics – gravity.

I made a feeble attempt to grab onto the gutter on my way down, but surprisingly molded aluminum will not slow the descent of 195 pounds of honey badger.   Only part of hitting the deck I really remember is the thump I took on the back of my head.   This was third experiment with physics – a body in motion will remain in motion until acted upon in an equal and opposite force.

After a few hours at Lawrence Hospital, the prognosis is actually not that bad considering the distance I fell.   I tore up my surgically repaired arm….AGAIN!!!!.   Damn thing is the size of grapefruit again.  And I now have a nice set of staples in the back of my head.   Also have a moderate concussion.   And, finally, I tore up another pair of pants.

Good think I was wearing clean underwear.


And that concludes this edition of Matt Quails offseason accidents.

Let the nicknames begin.   I’ll go first.

Mr Magoo.

Oh Yeah, this is what Magoo looks like right now.


This is before they wrapped him up.