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Last night I was watching tv and couldn’t help but switch back and forth between the hockey game on NHL Network, (because it was called by Doc Emrick) and the World Series game because it was being called by Joe Buck.

Those two guys could announce what I’m having for dinner, and it would make me happy.

Honestly, there’s something about their voices that completes the month of October for me.  (pumpkin beer helps too)

The only thing better would’ve been if it was the B’s and the Sox playing.

Check out this video of Doc calling the Bruins goals in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals.  The number of goals they scored against Luongo is comical.

Joe Buck calls Ortiz’ Grand Salami against the Tigers in last years ALCS.

Actually, the only thing that could’ve made things better last night would’ve been if the home plate Umpire acted like this

My fellow Badgers, many of you know David Carr and the battle with Cancer he’s taking on right now.   (This is actually his second battle with Cancer.   He’s already a cancer survivor, beating prostate cancer over 8 years ago)

It sucks.  No other way to put it.

A little over a year ago, the two of us talked about him skating with the Badgers.   He used to skate a long time ago, but hasn’t in forever.  Sound familiar?

Dave’s a Badger if there ever was one.   He’s actually more Badger than any of us are (see note about him already being a cancer survivor).

And he know’s there isn’t anyone amongst us who wouldn’t give their left nut to help him out right now.

So, for him and his family, please lob a few prayers and some Badger Karma his way as he continues to kick cancer straight in the ass.

And I think I can speak for everyone when I say:


Keep doing your thing Dave.  We Love you Bro.

Badgers, I’m out again this week.   Not because I’m traveling for work , but because I’m going on my “guys trip”.

(Yes T-Bone, this is the same type of trip you take, and when you go on yours I call it a “brokeback trip”)

I wish I could quit you…

Anyway, I take to the sky’s for a little mtn biking in Moab Utah (get me two).

Can anyone actually say the word Utah without saying “get me two” afterwards?

“Vaya con Dios, Badgers.”   Johnny Utah


*Note: Some of you may have noticed that I changed this blog.  It was originally titled “I’m doing this at the airport tomorrow” and it had a clip of Will Ferrell from the movie Elf.

Well it turns out, I’ve already used that clip in a previous blog.  Back in December of last year.

That just can’t be done.  I brought shame to the Badger world by not being creative enough (or at least not remembering that I’d already used it).

The problem has been fixed.
It won’t happen again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay Thirsty, my fellow Badgers