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So I was sitting at a conference on Monday morning (thinking about catching the early flight home from San Diego only to find a couple of nude people jump out of the bathroom blindfolded like a God damn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend)…

…and my boss texts me   “did you try to set up a meeting with Chris Donoghue at Pension Consulting, for next Tuesday with our Portfolio Manager?” (names have been changed to protect the innocent).    And I’m thinking, well what do you think?  Have I been doing this for 23 years or am I a college kid who needs his hand held every step of the way.   (Hello Peter, did you get the memo that says all TPS reports need a cover page, Hmmm?)


So I respond, “of course I did” (Mr Dumbass)


(it’s pronounced DooMaasse).

Remember?   He’s changed firms and he’s now in NY (you’re territory).   I think I told you two months ago?”  (I know I told him two months ago, but he can’t remember what I told him 2 seconds ago).

Then he texted me about 10 more times (all before Noon) which finally prompted me to text back “CAN YOU BE A BIGGER PAIN IN THE ASS RIGHT NOW?”.

And then there was silence.

And more silence.

And more.

Perhaps I went to far.

A little over the line?

Screw it.  Think I give a Sh!t?

Moments later, I received a text from him which read:  “You must have mistaken me for your wife”

(to his credit, he is a pretty funny guy.  Not Commish funny, but funny)

So I was going to send him a text back that said:  “Nope”     But instead, I  decided to school him in his own game.

No Repsonse was sent back.  The ball was in my court.   He emailed me later, asking how things were going.

Seriously. Do you want to go head to head with the Commish?

I felt like Mitch in Old School.

Luke Wilson

Commish: Booker, make two copies of this petition, have it notarized, and then messenger it over to Langley, and then I need-

Boss: Listen, Donald tells me you got these guys working prep for the arbitration.  I told you five times, I want them working the Sunshine Square deal.

Commish: Well, I locked the Sunshine Square deal yesterday, so now I have them helping with the arbitration, and I’d appreciate it if you let me handle my own team, and don’t get on my ass every time I’m trying to do something.

Boss: All right. Wanna make sure you’re on top of it.

Commish: Well, I am.

Boss: Well, good. Carry on.

Carry On, my fellow Badgers.

Carry On.