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You know how sometimes you get in the car after work and your rearview mirror is aimed too high so you lower it, but the problem really is that you’re not sitting up as straight as you did when you drove to work in the morning?  Well this morning my mirror was just fine.  It matched my evening commute slouch-height just fine.   That was about the only good thing about this mornings commute.  At 6am I heard on the radio that  93 N was closed at 495 (or somewhere north of where I get on, so no problem, right?).  But there was an accident on 93 S, just south of 128 (which the radio had not announced).  It took me a half hour to get from the Concord St exit to 128… what’s that 5 miles?  Probably not even.   I think I fell asleep 4 times, while listening to D&C make fun of Pettitte hugging Rivera.

Nothing to complain about really, especially knowing the amount of poor saps who left after 5:50am will probably be in there cars far longer.  Anyway.  As most of you know, The Commish showed up to the rink in a less than cheery mood last night.  And for that, I was served a thorough ass whooping.  A complete reversal of last weeks fortune.  The teams were pretty much the same, but the results were opposite.  And therefore, the streak of uneven teams continues!!!  I don’t know why the games have been lopsided, but they sure as hell have been.  Truth is, I really don’t care either.  (true HB fashion).  BUT, I’m blaming Bucci.  I know, he doesn’t even come to the games anymore, but it’s his fault. (hopefully this gets him to show up, and stop acting like no-show Littlewood from last year).  The HBHL obviously needs its MVP on the ice, and it’s unbalanced without him.  In fact, if he doesn’t make it to the ice soon, I’m liable to embrace him on the ice when he finally does arrive, Pettitte/Rivera style.  (see you next Thurs Booch, wink wink).

Good showing at the clubhouse.  Was strange getting to bed by 12:30am, but what a difference this morning.  Goes to show that the extra half hour (12:30-1:00am) really doesn’t help things much.  Props to Gallacher for buying wings for the boys.  Even if I did eat half the order myself.

Oh, and apologies to all the Badgers in Gray that I assaulted on the ice last night.  Being a pissy Commish is no way to go thru life.

Enjoy the weekend boys.
Fred the Baker is taking us into the weekend.

Week #3 in the books.  I have to say, this is unprecedented.  We’ve pretty much had uneven teams for the first 3 weeks straight.   Not sure if it’s the Commish’ doing or not, but we’ll figure it out.  On the positive side of things, I liked what I saw.  Some seriously ANGRY Badgers in Gray during the second half of the game.  They were NOT going quietly.  And then there was the Red team, who seemed to play the entire game like they were down by a goal.   Pump the brakes for fellow Badgers?  Hell NO.  No Sir. How about FULL THROTTLE till the horn blows.

Ok, on to some real highlights from week #3.  Did anyone see the Commish in action last night!  What the hell.
The guy rocks, you know it.  First he calls out Faulkner in the locker room, then he plays it out like a text book.

Ok, here’s the deal.  It was awesome.  I was awesome.  And it will probably never happen again.  SO.  If you remember it happening any differently than how I remember it, I don’t care.

But for those of you that missed it.  Here it is…

So I’m helping Ty with his math homework last night, and he asks me to read off some numbers while he punches them into a calculator.  So naturally I read them as if I’m Count Dracula from Sesame Street.  3, 7, 6, 5, and 2 Ah Ah Ahh…  I mean, who wouldn’t.

But then I realize he has no idea who I’m talking about.  So I bring him up on YouTube.  Seems smart, right?

This was the video.


The Count’s a bad Mother.  All that time, we thought he was just good at counting cookies.  The whole time he was probably slaying Maria in his coffin.  Nice work Count.

Ok, so two games down, and two NO SHOWS by one of the Badgers.  Not the type of start I was hoping for.

John G tried to send me emails last week, so in essence, he’s pardoned.

I had a missed call on my phone this morning from Booch, which means he’s not dead.  (I do care)

Great game, despite the attendance mishap.  Thanks go out to all the subs, who are a big part of the heart and soul of the HBHL.

Locker room discussion included implementing a PENALTY for all those who players who pull a NO-SHOW.

From now on, Penalties will be:


– 1st offense: 30 Pack of Bud or Bud Light

– 2nd offense: 30 Pack, Plus Pizzas at the Clubhouse

-3rd offense: Kicked out of league for life


– 1st offense: DEATH

Too strong?  Ok, Goalies get pardoned after one.  Death after Two.
If I was a betting man, I would’ve put my money on Booch missing because he fell asleep.  Hey, the Man needs his beauty sleep, and it’s not easy being such a good looking guy.  (He just called me and confirmed this is indeed why he missed)

Next time someone misses because they fell asleep, we WILL sneak into your house and do one of the following to you…

I’m in Charlotte NC right now, and instead of bar hopping like a Mad Badger, I’m trying to figure out how to set up this Nasty Ass Website.

I have problems.  But it just goes to show the distance I’d go for my Badgers.

Apparently they’re big problems.


Holy Mother of all that is Sacred.   The Gray team went down in flames last night to a mighty Red team, led by a newly appointed Honey Badger, Mike DiCenzo.  Seemed Mike was searching for those glory days back in college, and might just have found them.  Banter at the clubhouse afterwards included a mention of “Sweeping the Leg” next game.  Like I said, welcome aboard Mike, just watch your back.

Bob Landry was also welcomed on board as a full time Badger.  Unfortunately for the Gray Team he couldn’t match the same level of play as his counterpart on Red Team.  No worries about anyone sweeping your leg Bob, nice job.

Congratulations to John Gilmartin.  First no show of the year.  What we were most disappointed in was that you didn’t even show up at the Clubhouse.  A pool was started, and bets are you wont see the ice til October.

The disastrous night continued for the Gray team when we walked in to the Clubhouse and were told all the keg lines were down.  The face on Mr Kraft was priceless when he was handed a bottle of beer, rather than a frosty cold pint glass.

Alas, the Honey Badger Cup has been placed back onto it’s rightful perch, on top of the cable box in the Park Street Pub.

Lisa promised we will never have a keg line issue again, and therefore all the Badgers were able to end the night on a good note.